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In October 2014 NHS England and other national bodies published the Five Year Forward View setting out the national picture and the challenges facing health and social care. The situation in west Hertfordshire reflects the national situation as local services are catering for a changing population with more complex health and care needs.

Download Five Year Forward View (October 2014)

In February 2015 the King’s Fund, a think tank, published its response to the Five Year Forward View, which included its own research, analysis and content. This included the report 'Implementing the NHS five year forward view', which is available to download here.


The Nuffield Trust produced a briefing in March 2015 that examines up-to-date data and long-term trends with regard to urgent care in England; analyses common theories and explanations of recent problems; and summarises current thinking about the potential solutions. This briefing is available here.


Useful Links

The documents available below include reports, analysis and proposals from leading health and social care organisations and publications. They reflect the current situation in the UK’s health system and are therefore useful for providing insight into the Your Care Your Future review of healthcare in West Hertfordshire. These documents include commentary on challenges facing the NHS and recommendations for the future.

Housing, care and health infographics

The Kings Fund, April 2016

The King's Fund and the National Housing Federation have produced a set of infographics illustrating the connections between housing, social care, health and wellbeing.


Encouraging physical activity as a way to promote brain health

Public Health England, March 2016

This document is part of Public Health England’s ‘Health Matters’ series, which provides helpful resources on important public health challenges, using evidence based case studies. This report focuses on how Hertfordshire Health Walks are supporting people living with dementia by encouraging people, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, to get active outdoors.


New Models of Care: one year on

The Nuffield Trust, March 2016

This article marks one year since the beginning of the new care model vanguards and reflects on the progress made so far.


10 priorities for integrating physical and mental health

The Kings Fund, March 2016

This page is taken from a report by the Kings Fund’s entitled ‘Bringing together physical and mental health’. The article focuses on ten areas where there is particular scope for improvement in the integration of physical and mental health care. The full report is available here.


The Spending Review: what does it mean for health and social care?

The Kings Fund, The Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation, December 2015

In this report, The Kings Fund, The Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation have worked together to provide an independent assessment of where the Spending Review leaves the NHS and social care.


Place-based systems of care: A way forward for the NHS in England

The Kings Fund, November 2015

This paper proposes a new approach to tackling the growing challenges faced by the NHS. It argues that NHS organisations must establish place-based ‘systems of care’ in which they collaborate with other NHS organisations and services to address the challenges and improve the health of the populations they serve.


Measurable effects of local alcohol licensing policies

BMJ Journal of Epidemiology & Community, 10 November 2015

This report analyses the variations of English alcohol policy at local council level. Results that show stronger reductions in alcohol-related admission rates were observed in areas with more intense alcohol licensing policies.


Better value in the NHS

King’s Fund, July 2015

This report calls on doctors, nurses and other staff to engage in a new mission to deliver better outcomes at lower costs. It considers early treatment of preventable diseases, variations in care across different areas and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.


Safely home: What happens when people leave hospital and care settings?

Healthwatch England, July 2015

This report comprises 3,000 patients’ experiences of discharge from hospital. It considers the problems of coordination between hospitals and other healthcare services once patients have been discharged.


Acute hospitals and integrated care

The King’s Fund, March 2015

This report by The King’s Fund describes lessons from five case studies where acute hospitals are working collaboratively with local partners to build integrated models of care – three of these sites have since been chosen as vanguards by NHS England.


Future in mind: Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

Department of Health and NHS England, March 2015

This report considers the need to improve access to mental health and wellbeing services for young people and children. It sets out recommendations for how this can be achieved, for example increasing transparency between services.


The Mentally Healthy Society

Independent Taskforce on Mental Health in Society, January 2015

This report sets out a number of recommendations for improving care for those suffering from Mental Health in the UK.


Commission of Hospital Care for Frail Older People

HSJ Commission on Hospital Care for Frail Older People, March 2015

This report from the HSJ Commission sets out obstacles to improving care and puts key questions to politicians, citizens and providers.


Fit for Frailty

British Geriatrics Society and the Royal College of General Practitioners, January 2015

This report considers ‘frailty’, defining the term as the ageing process in which multiple body systems gradually lose their in-built reserves. The report asks: Why services for frailty are important? What will good services for frailty look like? What performance and outcome measures should we apply to services to services for people with frailty?


State of Caring

Carers UK

This report shares the difficulties faced by carers and considers the problems of a rapidly ageing population and rise in number of people required to take on carer responsibilities in the UK.


Useful Links – some examples of service transformation

Your Care, Your Future aims to understand the needs of the local population and provide the best care to local people by integrating health and social care services. Below are examples of areas where local health and care services have been successfully transformed to fully support the needs of the local population by taking a similar approach.

Bromley-by-Bow, Tower Hamlets:

The Integrated Care Programme in Tower Hamlets has transformed local healthcare so that it focuses on the needs of the individual, improving all aspects of quality of care for local people. In the community-driven Bromley-by-Bow care centre, patients can access housing, education and employment support alongside primary health care. For more information on Integrated Care Programme and the Bromley-by-Bow centre, see the links below.




Queen Mary’s Hospital, Bexley:

At Queen Mary’s Hospital in Bexley, a number of local organisations worked together to improve the provision of health care. The aim was to enable people to receive more personalised care, and ensure that those who needed ongoing care can stay at home as much as possible.