“There is enormous confusion about where to go for which service. Even the clinicians seem to be confused Patients are passed round the system like a box of chocolates.” 

Member of the public, survey respondent

Get Involved

How can I get involved?

As part of an ongoing programme of engagement - which has already led to changes to local health services - local residents who access health services in West Hertfordshire can now comment on their priorities and preferences for future hospital services, by completing an online survey – which can be accessed here – before Wednesday 21 September. 

Responses will be analysed and will form part of the findings that will be presented in a special meeting early in the autumn to consider the preferred option. Other work is being done now with doctors and other NHS experts sitting on special panels to evaluate options will also be helping us make the decisions about which option to take forward. Local patient representatives are involved in those panels and also in a range of other broader sessions being held in the coming weeks. 

Who should get involved?

Engagement so far on Your Care, Your Future

Since the review was launched we have engaged with people across West Hertfordshire to gather their views on health and social care services. Engagement has included:

We have gathered views from across West Hertfordshire at more than stakeholder meetings, 900+ survey responses and ongoing correspondence from individuals and groups.

For more information on the engagement to date please click here.

More information on how we’ve worked with local communities to shape the future of local services, please see our reports of locality events, available here:

What people have told us they would like to see

For more detail about how to get involved please contact the Your Care, Your Future team at info@yourcareyourfuture.org.uk or call us on 01442 284 001.

The team is also speaking to patient and community groups directly. If your group would like to hold a session with theYour Care, Your Future team please contact us at info@yourcareyourfuture.org.uk or call us on 01442 284 001.