Case for Change

In July 2015 we published the Case for Change, setting out the need to improve services to meet our changing health and social care needs and to live within the finances available. This has led to the vision for future health and care services in West Hertfordshire – more information on this vision is available here.

The Case for Change builds on the interim Case for Change, published in Spring 2015, and includes a greater focus on prevention (preventing illness in the first place and ensuring we look after ourselves better); integration (the importance of ‘joining up’ care better) and local (bringing services closer to home).

We also took into account feedback from people across West Hertfordshire over Spring/Summer 2015 on the interim Case for Change. Engagement included:

For more detail on engagement activity to date please see our report of engagement so far, available here.

An easy read version of the final Case for Change is available here. An in-depth, more detailed version of the final Case for Change has now been published and is available here.  

The detailed version of the interim Case for Change can be seen here.

We have also created two infographics which provide a visual snapshot of why change is needed (please click to enlarge).

The ‘People’ infographic explores health-related facts about the population, for example the prevalence of conditions such as diabetes, dementia, and mental illness. The 'Impact' infographic shows the impact of a range of conditions and trends on the health and social care system and on the population.